The Scott and Sadie Show 5//15/2018

Here's what we talked about today.....

-The Human Bean Morning Buzz

-5:20 Funny 

-The difference between profanity and obscenity.

-Here are the ways that people screw up on their first day at a new job.

-Short man syndrome is real! 

-Mind Bender Trivia

-Woman gets a bad tattoo/Changes her sons name.

-What give you the creeps? Scott did something that'll freak you out!  

-Sing like Carrie or do karate like Bruce. You can only chose one.

-Scott keeps getting invited to graduation parties from people he hardly even knows! We have a theory.

-LIFE COURT- Mom and Dad are trying to come up with a plan in regards to their kids and technology in public places. 

-Parental alone time

-The List


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