Two People Are Suing McDonald's For...

If you order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald's, you'll pay for the sandwich . . . let's say it'll run you $4.  And if you order the Quarter Pounder WITHOUT cheese, it'll cost you . . . the same $4.


And two people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida think that's unfair . . . and maybe even illegal.  A woman named Cynthia Kissner and a guy named Leonard Werner filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's earlier this month.


And they're claiming that McDonald's is cheating all of us by not knocking anything off the price if we order a Quarter Pounder without cheese.


Their argument boils down to something pretty simple:  A hamburger costs less at McDonald's than a cheeseburger, so, clearly, the cheese has SOME monetary value.  So why wouldn't you get a discount if you have them hold the cheese?


They're looking for at least $5 million in damages. 


(Miami Herald)


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