When Someone Cancels Plans, Are You...

There's definitely a lot to be said for NOT having big plans and just sitting at home on a Saturday night watching Netflix.  These three seasons of "Fuller House" aren't going to binge watch themselves.


So a new survey asked people:  When someone cancels plans, how do you feel?


And 53% of people said they're usually disappointed . . . but 22% are usually RELIEVED.  The remaining 25% said they felt a different emotion or aren't sure how they feel about canceled plans.


The breakdown by age is pretty interesting, though.  People between 18 and 49 are TWICE as likely to be relieved about canceled plans as people over 50. 


And it's probably because when you're younger, you have lots of friends and so much stuff to do it can almost feel like a burden . . . but once you're older and your circle shrinks, you make fewer plans and they mean a lot more to you. 




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