Teenagers Don't Care About Facebook Anymore...

Pretty soon, the only people left on Facebook are going to be 78-year-olds, sharing various conspiracy theories and pictures they can't tell are Photoshopped.


According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, teenagers really don't care about Facebook anymore.


51% of them say they use Facebook, but only 10% say they use it more than any other social networks.


That's a big drop in just three years . . . in the same survey in 2015, 71% of teenagers said they used Facebook, and 41% said they used it the most often.


YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram are MUCH more popular with teenagers today.  85% use YouTube . . . 72% use Instagram . . . and 69% use Snapchat.  And 82% use one of those three more than any other social network.


They also don't really care about Twitter . . . only one-third of them ever use it, and only 3% say it's their top social network. 


(Pew Research Center)


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