Have Scientists Developed a Pizza That Prevents Cancer?

We sure hope this is true, because if EATING PIZZA is actually a healthy habit, then we're ThighMaster-era Suzanne Somers.


A team of scientists and chefs in Italy say they've developed a pizza that can help PREVENT CANCER and heart disease.


The pizza is made with a wheat flour dough and uses lots of cherry tomatoes, broccoli rabe, olives, garlic, and chilies as toppings.  It also uses a lot of olive oil.


You probably noticed there are three ingredients I DIDN'T mention:  Cheese, sauce, or meat.  It doesn't include any of those.  It also doesn't include pineapple, so sorry to all the people who passionately defend THAT topping.


But the team says if you eat this pizza a few times a week, the ingredients CAN help reduce your odds of developing cancer.


Of course, it's not a GUARANTEE, but it seems like there's no real downside to giving it a shot:  Best case scenario, no cancer . . . worst case scenario, you just ate a bunch of pizza. 


(Daily Mail)


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