A Thief Threatens a Cashier and Says, "Remember My Face"...

A 26-year-old guy in West Palm Beach, Florida named Andrew Williams got angry when the cashier at a liquor store carded him back in 2016.


Apparently, he didn't have his I.D. with him.  So he threatened the cashier, and yelled, "remember my face" before storming out.  Then he came back later that night with a GUN and shot the cashier in the arm.


The cops never tracked Andrew down, because the security camera didn't get a shot of his face.  But luckily, the cashier followed Andrew's advice and DID remember him.


Last Tuesday, police got an anonymous tip that the guy responsible for the shooting lived nearby. And the caller gave them Andrew's name.


Then the cashier was able to pick him out of a lineup.  So he's now facing attempted MURDER charges.


The cops were able to confirm they had the right guy because it turns out Andrew was issued a driver's license on the day of the shooting.  And he was wearing the same sweater in the surveillance footage from the liquor store. 


It's not clear if he had his license the night the shooting happened, or if he was waiting to get it in the mail or something.




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