I Went Shopping for my Garden at Earle's!

Yesterday I decided to treat myself and went to see my friends at Earle's in Loveland to spice up my backyard garden area! You see, lately, I've been feeling like my outdoor sanctuary is missing something. Plants? Decor? A swing perhaps? The girls at Earle's walked me through their store and I can't tell you how excited I am now to decorate my backyard! Here are just a few of the items I tracked down.

Art Poles- These are beautiful and bright poles with different themes that are totally weatherproof! 

Tiki Torches- Get rid of those cheap bamboo tiki torches that always blow over in the wind and look goofy. Check out the steel tiki torches offered at Earle's. They're not only sturdy and durable, but they look different and beautiful! 

Wind Spinners- Add some lovely movement to your garden or any outdoor area. These are durable, relaxing and there are many different unique styles to choose from.

Tiny Towns- The Jimmy Buffet brand now make tiny towns! Crack open a cold one and enjoy! 

Swinging- One of my very favorite things at Earle's have got to be their selection of outdoor swings! Different patterns available and perfect for the entire family! 

Also be sure to explore all of the bright and colorful outdoor flowers and plants. 

Earle's is so much more than just flowers! Go and check out their store today, located at 1421 N Denver Ave. in Loveland! 


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