Burger King Teamed Up With Budweiser For a Burger...

Here's some strange fast food news for you:  Burger King and Budweiser just teamed up on a brand new burger.  Sort of.


It's not like the meat is marinated in Budweiser beer or anything.  And Burger King stores aren't going to suddenly start selling beer.  So . . . um . . . how is this a collaboration? 


Seems like it's just a marketing deal . . . because they redid the old Budweiser Wasssup ads in honor of the burger, and they made special Burger King cardboard crowns that hold a can of beer and have a straw attached.


Oh, if you care, the burger is called the American Brewhouse King . . . and it's a double cheeseburger with bacon and crispy onions.  So buy one, then drive to a store, buy some beer, go home, and you're set.  Easy? 




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