Hovering Above a Nasty Toilet Seat Might Be...

Ever been in a public bathroom, taken one look at the toilet seat, and realized there was no way you were going to put your rosy, pristine butt cheeks down on that filthy thing?


Well . . . according to one doctor in England, it actually might be WORSE for your health to hover above a nasty toilet seat than just to plop down on it.


Here's why.  She says that when you hover, it makes the muscles in your abs, back, legs, and pelvic area really tense.  That makes it harder to pee or poop, so you have to push harder . . . and if you do that enough, you could wind up with a hernia.


Plus, it might mean that you don't empty your bladder . . . and that can lead to urinary tract infections.


But if you just sit on the toilet, it's, quote, "very unlikely" that you'd catch anything.  If you're going to catch an intestinal disease, it's probably going to be from having little particles of feces on your HANDS and then touching your food.


So if nasty toilet bacteria touches your butt checks or the backs of your thighs, odds are it won't get you sick. 


(The Conversation)


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