The 10 Things to Do to Be an Active Part of the Community

posted by Scott and Sadie - 

Man, being a part of a community sounds like a ton of work.  Can't we just be the people that steal kids' Frisbees when they go into our yards?


A new survey asked people the key things to do to be an active part of their community.  And here are the results . . .


1.  Be friendly with your neighbors, 69%.

2.  Support local businesses, 54%.

3.  Don't cause trouble, 50%.

4.  Volunteer or donate to charity, 44%.

5.  Regularly help people out, 44%.

6.  Get involved in local projects or charities, 38%.

7.  Help the homeless, 34%.

8.  Volunteer at a school or with clubs, 32%.

9.  Be part of the neighborhood watch, 29%.

10.  Coach a kids' sports team, 13%. 


(Yahoo News)


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