National Ice Cream Day Is Sunday...

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday.  But in a broader way, isn't EVERY day National Ice Cream Day?


Here are some results from a new survey that shows just how much we all love ice cream . . . probably a little TOO much.


1.  40% of people have eaten an entire pint in one sitting.


2.  24% eat ice cream to feel better when they're sad . . . 22% have eaten it to feel better after a break-up . . . and 9% have CRIED while they were eating it.


3.  16% have gotten sick from eating too much ice cream . . . and 13% of people say they're lactose intolerant but still eat it.


4.  9% have used ice cream to end an argument.


5.  And finally, 7% have canceled plans to stay home and eat ice cream. 


(National Today)


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