The Boston Accent Is the Strongest American Accent...

Here's a question I've never asked before but now I can't stop thinking about it:  Is it possible to talk SEXY with a really thick Boston accent?  Is there anyone out there who gets turned on by hearing about where you paaaked your caaaa?


According to a new survey, people say that the Boston accent is the STRONGEST American accent.  It was NOT voted the sexiest . . . but believe it or not, it didn't finish last.


The picks for the five strongest accents are:  Boston . . . Southern . . . New York . . . Texas . . . and Appalachian.


And the picks for the five sexiest accents are:  Southern . . . Texas . . . New York . . . Boston . . . and West coast.


The survey also found that only 36% of Americans think they personally have an accent. 




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