52% of Men and 24% of Women Have Forgotten...

Forgetting your wife or girlfriend's birthday makes you the worst person ever, right?  Well maybe . . . but it also puts you in the MAJORITY.


A new survey found 52% of men have forgotten their wife or girlfriend's birthday at least once.  That's compared to just 24% of women who've done the same.


Most of those people were able to scramble and do something last-minute though.  Only 1 in 5 said they completely forgot.  Everyone else had time to run out and buy a scented candle at CVS or something.


But when guys do remember, they at least SPEND more than women . . . $164, compared to $117 on average.  Here are four more stats from the survey . . .


1.  The average person who does forget a partner's birthday won't just do it once.  On average, it'll happen FOUR TIMES while they're together.


2.  One in five couples have gotten into a fight because one of them forgot the other's birthday.  And 12% have broken up over it.


3.  36% of us have SAID we didn't want anything for our birthday, but secretly expected something anyway.  The top thing we want from our partner is a nice dinner out. 


4.  You're not expected to plan a party for someone until about seven months of dating.  And the #1 way to RUIN their party is by inviting someone they don't like. 




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