This is my Benchmark Kickoff!

I'm finally doing it! No more excuses. No more wondering. No more wishing for a change without working on it and no more starting and stopping a plan. I'm FINALLY embarking on my journey with Benchmark Medical Group! Here's why I'm excited, but also a little scared. First the excited part. I have never been on a cruise and after lots of budgeting and planning we finally pulled the trigger! Yay! We leave for the Bahamas the week after Thanksgiving. Once the excitement of actually booking the excursion wore off the reality of having to wear a bathing suit sank in. Ugh. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of people have been where I am. Ok, so just to be clear I'm not looking to lose a ridiculous amount of weight. My goal is 15-20 pounds total. Easy right? Here's where the fear part sneaks in. Ummmmmmm, I love carbs! I also love wine and all things cheese. Meeting with the amazing staff at Benchmark Medical Group completely put my worries at ease. Why? Because they're different! I'm actually excited to get started! Also, they make it sooooo easy to reach your goal. Whether it's 10 pounds or 500 pounds they will put together a plan that's right for you. From extensive blood work, to fitness classes, to already prepared meal plans. They do the heavy lifting. All I have to do it sit back and enjoy shopping for bikinis! I have a goal and it feels so good to have a partner in Benchmark Medical Group. This is the first of many blogs documenting my health journey so please keep up and if you have any fitness goals yourself please consider taking the journey with me! Call my friends at Benchmark Medical Group today! They're at (970) 686-9117


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