How Tom Cruise Helped Out the Kid Who Quit "Jerry Maguire" has a list of "22 Unsettlingly Nice Tom Cruise Stories".  And we'd say this is the best one:


JONATHAN LIPNICKI wasn't the first choice to play the cute kid in "Jerry Maguire".  But a few weeks into filming . . . in the middle of a scene . . . the first kid just said, quote, "I don't want to do this."


According to director Cameron Crowe, he just "ran out of gas."  So they hired Lipnicki to replace him, and they moved on.


But a few weeks later, Crowe got a call from the first kid's mother.  She said, quote, "Will you please tell Tom Cruise thank you for the way he has kept in touch with my son, sent him letters and gifts, and just let him know all is well?


"It really helped my son.  He's over it now, he's fine, and Tom did a beautiful job helping him transition back to his life."


Crowe had no idea Tom was doing any of this, so he asked him about it.  And Tom said, quote, "I just didn't want [him] to go to the movies, look at the screen and think he'd failed.  I wanted him to love movies, his entire life."


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