A Sunflower Farm Opened Up to Instagrammers...

NEVER underestimate how horrible people can get in their quest for the perfect selfie that'll get 23 likes on Instagram.


There's a sunflower farm in Millgrove, Ontario, Canada.  And a few weeks ago, they came up with a new idea to make money:  They'd charge $5.75 for people to come to their farm to take Instagram selfies with their sunflowers.


And it was a pretty brilliant plan.  Their sunflower fields really are amazing settings for photos, and people started flocking there for pictures.


But within a week, things turned DARK.  The crowds overwhelmed the staff and started trampling the fields . . . causing major traffic jams . . . storming the farm without paying . . . and getting into car accidents and fights over spots.


So the owners wound up having to BAN ALL VISITORS from the farm . . . and they're still getting into arguments with people who are showing up hoping to take selfies.


And that might not be the worst part.  Sunflowers are really fragile, and if the leaves are damaged, they can die prematurely.  So when the farm harvests their flowers in a few months, their crop could be WAY short. 



Here are some of the selfies people took when the farm was open.  On the bright side, they look good.


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