Do You Struggle With Anxiety? Me Too. -Sadie

Guys. If you listen to the show you've probably heard that I'm a serious Hypochondriac. Like seriously. No joke. Just ask my doctor. I also suffer from regular anxiety attacks. If you've ever had an anxiety attack you know how debilitating life can be sometimes. Of course, I want to lose a little weight. Of course, I want to be healthier. Of course, I want to fix my spine, which I learned is hella crooked. But did you know that at Benchmark Medical Group they also help their patients work to become stronger mentally? A few days ago I had to go in for a complete body scan to check on my insides. Is my spine straight? Are my organs the correct size? Is there anything funky happening that might cause me serious pain or issues down the road? Now, normal people wouldn't think twice about these tests. I'm not normal. I asked about 5 thousand questions and I informed Dr. Jason Haas that I was an over worrier. He not only explained all of the tests that were being performed but he showed such kindness when listening to me rant and rave about my irrational fears. That's the thing you guys. At Benchmark you aren't just a number. You are a person. We all have struggles whether it's anxiety, emotional or stress eating, fear of failure. Whatever you're struggling with the folks at Benchmark care. They are ALWAYS available to their patients. While on the program your body is going to change....a lot. I had some pretty bad habits, (wine, greasy food, wine, lack of sleep, did I mention wine) so when I began cleansing my body it was a shock to the system. Dr. Sandy Haas, the owner of Benchmark receives daily emails from me asking "is this normal?" or "should I be worried" or my personal favorite "am I dying because my pee looks like yellow gatorade." For the record, gatorade pee is a result of some of the vitamins I'm taking and I'm not dying. No matter the time, the silly questions, or the frequency of said silly questions, Dr. Sandy and her fabulous staff have always been nothing but kind and always informative. 

I could ramble all day, instead I'll give you the motivation for my thoughts. Benchmark is already changing my life. I'm optimistic and I feel like I have a group of experts walking with me every step of the way. My goal is to become stronger not only physically but strong mentally. As Dr. Jason told me just as few days ago, knowledge is power. Do yourself a favor and stop with the fad diets. Stop with the fear of failure, and stop thinking that you can't be the person you've always wanted to be. For the first time in my life I know this is exactly where I should be. The End. 


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