Which Class Do You Wish You Paid More Attention to in High School?

What class in high school did you slack off in, and now you WISH you hadn't?  A new survey asked people to name the #1 subject they wish they'd paid more attention to.  And MATH took the top spot.


Here are the top eight subjects we wish we'd tried a little harder at . . .


1.  Math.  31% of people wish they'd paid more attention.  23% of men and 15% of women said it was the most useful class they took.

2.  A foreign language, 26%.

3.  Science, 23%.

4.  History, 19%.

5.  English, 15%.

6.  Social studies, 14%.

7.  Music, 9%.

8.  Physical fitness, 8%.


Older people were more likely to say history.  And young people were more likely to say music or gym class. 




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