28% of Radio Hosts Say They Have a "Face for Radio"...

Well, this should take us down a peg...


Someone polled more than 1,100 radio hosts around the country and asked a bunch of questions about how we do our jobs.


But they also mixed in a few mildly INSULTING questions that we loved.  And here are the results...


The best question they asked was, "Do you think you have a FACE FOR RADIO?"  And 28% admitted that YES, I probably do.


That includes 11% who STRONGLY agreed.  And male hosts were about twice as likely to say they have a "face for radio" than female hosts.


But here's our favorite stat:  39% admitted they've dated a LISTENER before, including 7% who ended up MARRYING one.  So if you're willing to deal with our HIDEOUSNESS, you might have a shot?


Despite that, almost no one said all that ACTION is a motivator for choosing this as a career.  Only 1% named "sex" as one of their main reasons for working in radio.


Here are the top ten reasons we work in radio, according to the survey...


1.  It's fun.  80% agreed that's one of their top reasons.

2.  Entertaining people, 73%.

3.  It's emotionally fulfilling, 57%.

4.  It's the ONLY thing I know how to do, or it's what I do best, 50%.

5.  Supporting the community, 46%.

6.  Informing people, 46%.

7.  Being able to connect with a large number of people, 45%.

8.  Because it's fun being part of a team, 39%.

9.  It's just all about the music, 35%.

10.  Hey, it's a living, 31%.


Only 14% said MONEY is a main factor . . . just 6% said FAME is what motivates them . . . and 1% said they do it for the CONSTANT HOOK-UPS.


As far as what's hardest about the job . . . 37% said they spend over nine hours a day at work.  And 49% were forced to take the weekend or overnight shift when they were just starting out. 


(PR Newswire)


You can download the full results of the survey here, but why would you want to?!


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