A Guy Shot His Friend in the Butt After...

When you're arguing on Facebook, it might SEEM like you're safe behind that computer screen.  But try to keep it civil folks, because there are some real psychos out there . . .


A 44-year-old guy in Tampa named Brian Sebring was arguing about politics on Facebook last week. And he really got into it with a 46-year-old guy named Alex Stephens who also lives in the area.


It's not clear what they were fighting about, or which side they support.  But they knew each other outside of Facebook too.


And Brian was so fumed, he showed up at Alex's house . . . and SHOT him.


He pulled up in his truck and started honking his horn.  Then Alex came out, saw him standing there, and SPRINTED at him.  And that's when Brian pulled a gun and fired two shots.


One of the bullets hit Alex in the butt.  The other one hit him in his right thigh.  And he showed up at a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  So he'll be okay.


Brian turned himself in later on.  He's facing charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and carrying a concealed firearm. 




You know you want it - here's his mugshot.


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