Your Tattoos Won't Hurt Your Chances at a Job...

Hey, go ahead and get that Zeppelin Rulez neck tattoo you've always dreamed of . . . it won't stop you from being an executive one day.  Apparently.


According to a new study out of the University of Miami, tattoos aren't hurting people's chances at getting jobs anymore.  The researchers found that people with tattoos were just as likely to get hired . . . at fair salaries . . . as people without 'em.


And . . . in some cases, they even found that having the tattoos HELPED people get jobs, possibly because they were a sign someone was more creative.


So why aren't tattoos a problem anymore?  Basically, so many people have them that companies can't AFFORD to weed them out . . . because they're losing out on too many qualified job candidates. 


(Study Finds)


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