Gretchen Wilson Arrested at Connecticut Airport

Gretchen Wilson isn't a name you hear very often these days, even in the country music world. So when I read her name in a headline this morning, I had to double check it was actually the 'Redneck Woman' singer. Turns out it was, and not for good reason. 

Wilson was arrested on Tuesday at an airport in Connecticut for causing a disturbance on a flight, and became belligerent when state troopers tried to question her. It's not clear whether or not she was intoxicated.

It reportedly started when Wilson got into a verbal and physical confrontation with another passenger over the bathroom. She was charged with breach of peace, and later posted $1000 bail.

This isn't the first time she's gotten into a confrontation on a plane, either. She received an in flight citation for cursing at a flight attendant in 2007.

Sound like Gretchen needs to relax a bit on airplanes!


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