A Guy Forged Divorce Papers Using...

This is one hell of a way to find out your marriage is over.  And I don't mean symbolically over, I mean REALLY over.


There's a woman in Shreveport, Louisiana who recently found some papers that showed she was DIVORCED.  And that was news to her, since she hadn't filed any divorce papers.


She was estranged from her 27-year-old husband, Demario Clark, but she said she didn't want to divorce him.


But he REALLY wanted to end the marriage with her.  And he had a new girlfriend who was almost twice his age, a 50-year-old woman named Lisa McKinney . . . and she wanted the marriage to end too.


So Demario and Lisa went to the clerk's office on August 1st, she posed as his wife, and they filled out all of the paperwork to get the divorce.


Now that the cops put it all together, they were both just arrested for filing false public records and forgery. 


(Shreveport Times


Here are their mugshots...


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