It's National Read-a-Book Day...

Today is National Read-a-Book Day, which means it's a perfect time to READ SHAME you.  It's still politically correct to read shame, right?  It should be, considering I literally just made that term up.


According to a new survey, 17% of Americans read ZERO books a year, and another 47% read between one and five.  So that means just about two-thirds of the people in this country read fewer than five books a year.


9% read more than 20, so they're really handling literacy for the rest of us.


The survey also found that 74% of people say their favorite way to read is still on regular, old-fashioned paper.  18% like e-books, and 8% like audiobooks.


And the most popular genres of books are mystery . . . fantasy . . . and young adult fiction. 


(National Today)


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