What's the Worst Injury or Bug Your Kid Can Come Home with From School?

posted by Scott and Sadie - 

At some point, your kid is going to get sick at school.  That's what happens when you jam 30 kids in a small room for nine months and just kinda hope they all wash their hands.


A new survey asked parents to name the WORST injury or bug their kid can come home with from school.  And the results are kind of surprising . . . especially number two.  Check 'em out . . .


1.  A broken or sprained arm or leg.

2.  A broken heart.  Really.

3.  Lice.

4.  Chicken pox.

5.  A broken or sprained finger.

6.  Strep throat.

7.  An allergic reaction.

8.  The flu.

9.  Pink eye.

10.  Broken glasses. 


(New York Post)


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