What's the Worst Injury or Bug Your Kid Can Come Home with From School?

At some point, your kid is going to get sick at school.  That's what happens when you jam 30 kids in a small room for nine months and just kinda hope they all wash their hands.


A new survey asked parents to name the WORST injury or bug their kid can come home with from school.  And the results are kind of surprising . . . especially number two.  Check 'em out . . .


1.  A broken or sprained arm or leg.

2.  A broken heart.  Really.

3.  Lice.

4.  Chicken pox.

5.  A broken or sprained finger.

6.  Strep throat.

7.  An allergic reaction.

8.  The flu.

9.  Pink eye.

10.  Broken glasses. 


(New York Post)


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