If Music Sometimes Gives You Goosebumps...

Have you ever listened to music that was SO GOOD it gave you GOOSEBUMPS?  Me too.  And I'd like to say it was during a symphony, but it was back when Clay Aiken sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on "American Idol".


Anyway, according to a new study out of Harvard, if music has ever given you goosebumps and made the hairs on your arm stand up, that's actually a sign you're THRIVING.


The researchers found that about 55% of people had THAT strong of an emotional connection to music, and they were more likely to be healthier, happier, friendlier . . . and even WEALTHIER.


They also found that women were more likely to get goosebumps from music than men . . . and for most people, it happens quickly, like during the first minute of the song.


And music isn't the only thing that gives some people goosebumps.


25% had them when someone said "I love you" for the first time . . . 23% had them when their child was born . . . and 16% had them when they saw their partner walk down the aisle at their wedding. 




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