Are These the Five Worst Movies and TV Shows of 2018?

Anyone can make a list of the BEST-whatever of the year, but "Entertainment Weekly" went one step further . . . and has released lists of the WORST movies and TV shows of the year.


Here's their Five Worst Movies of 2018:

1.  "Fifty Shades Freed", the third movie in the "Fifty Shades" trilogy

2.  "Life Itself", starring Oscar Isaac, Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas

3.  "Gotti", with John Travolta playing the Teflon Don

4.  "Venom", starring Tom Hardy

5.  "The Cloverfield Paradox", the third movie in the "Cloverfield" series


And here's their Five Worst Shows:


1.  Netflix's "Lost in Space", which is actually a solid reimagining of the '60s series

2.  Showtime's "Who Is America" . . . the new Sacha Baron Cohen stunt show

3.  Netflix's "Insatiable", which has been accused of fat-shaming

4.  Starz' "Sweetbitter", which is about a girl who moves to New York City

5.  NBC's "Reverie" . . . and the network must have agreed.  It was canceled after just one season.


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