"Beer O'Clock" Is Officially 6:31 P.M. on Friday

We kind of like the phrase "beer o'clock" . . . it's like, "hey, it's not MY fault I'm drinking right now, even if I didn't want to I have to because it's beer o'clock."


Anyway, a new study actually figured out when beer o'clock really is.  And the consensus is . . . 6:31 P.M. on Friday.  In other words, it happens during happy hour tomorrow.


Here are a few more results from the study on all things beer . . .


1.  52% of people say TASTE is the number one factor for them when they pick a beer.


2.  One out of three people says they're intimidated by craft beers.


3.  And the average person switches their favorite beer every four years. 




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