Benchmark Medical Group Open House

Hey guys it’s Sadie here! You’ve heard me talk about my success with Benchmark Medical Group for months now and I’ve loved sharing my journey with you.

To recap: after having baby number 3 I was at my highest weight ever. I tried every diet, every workout and I even thought about getting surgery! Yikes.

Then I met Dr. Sandy and her amazing crew at Benchmark.

It was a completely different plan than I’d ever heard before. Every single one of us is different which means we all lose weight differently. Nothing is more frustrating than reading success stories from dieters, doing the exact same thing.....and nothing happens. Ugh. The road to weight loss is full of ups and downs and lots of questions. Good days and bad days. That’s why you need a team of experts behind you. That’s Benchmark Medical Group!

Now here’s the exciting part of my blog. I, along with the folks at Benchmark want to give you and a loved one the gift of good health, confidence and we want to help you finally jump off of the merry go round. We want to hear from YOU! If you and want to feel better than you’ve ever felt, we want to hear your story. We will be choosing two lucky people to win the total Benchmark experience. Spouses, best friends, mothers and daughters, any twosome ready to rock! This is a chance for you and your partner in crime to stop complaining to one another and actually do something! Here’s what it includes...

- A 6 month weight loss program for you and your significant other.

-Unlimited nutritional counseling.

-A weekly body competition analysis.

-Included blood work, diagnostics and redraws of abnormals.

-Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy

-Unlimited fitness classes with rehab if needed.

-1 on 1 support and accountability calls from me!

-Once you hit your goal we have a BIG surprise to celebrate your success!

Let us help you and your loved one get to your ultimate goal! You can do this and we will help you every step of the way.

The awesome twosome will be chosen at Benchmark's Open House event on February 23rd, between 12PM-2PM. Must be present to win!


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