There is a Valentine's Day Haunted House in Colorado

I always complain about people pushing out Christmas before Halloween, but this is quite the opposite! How about Halloween at Valentine's Day!

The folks behind the 13th Floor Haunted House each Halloween in Denver, have quite the Valentine's Day weekend planned for horror fans this year! 

Love Bites is the name of the Colorado attraction, and their website explains it this way:

Vampires are on the verge of starvation and decide to take matters into their own hands by throwing a massive Valentines Day Party for humans. Their goal is to have a feast prepared when the elders wake at the turn of the new decade.
You will be sent into a vampire’s lair for the party. While inside the Vampire’s den an unsuspecting hero emerges when the vampire’s “familiars” help you escape the bloodthirsty vampires and stop the awakening of the elders. You will have to follow directions, work together and complete tasks in order to escape and prevent the awakening of the Overlords.

You'll really have to want to go for the steep $25+ price tag to get in, but watching the trailer, I must say it does look pretty cool... 

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