A 21-Year-Old Chugged a Six-Pack of Stolen Beer in a Target Dressing Room

We hope this girl wasn't TURNING 21 the day this happened. Because it would officially be the saddest 21st birthday binge ever . . .

21-year-old Elysia Johnson went to a Target near Stockton, California on Saturday at around 3:30 in the afternoon and did some shopping.

Then she went to the grocery section . . . grabbed a six-pack of beer . . . took it to one of the dressing rooms . . . and started POUNDING them.

She was in the dressing room for over an hour and drank six Stellas. Then she tried to walk out of the store with more than $200 worth of stuff in her cart.

A security guard stopped her and called the cops. She's facing charges for shoplifting petty theft, battery, and resisting arrest. 

(I guess she can hold her alcohol, because it doesn't look like they got her for being drunk in public.)

(SacBee/CBS Sacramento)

Here's hermugshot...



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