92-Year-Old Colorado Man Has Saved Up to 1,200 Lives Donating Blood

A 92-year-old man in Loveland, Colorado, is being celebrated for donating nearly 50 gallons of blood during his lifetime.

MSN reports that Ron Reidy initially started donating blood platelets, which can be given up to 24 times annually, but switched to donating whole blood as he grew older.

"It's fun, it makes you feel good and you might save a life," Reidy tells the Reporter-Herald. "Everyone who can, should."

It's believed that Reidy's 400 lifetime donations may have been able to assist in saving the lives of as many as three people each, meaning his blood could have been involved with as many as 1200 patients.

While Reidy was denied the chance to give blood on Tuesday, he intends to cross the 50-gallon-mark as soon as possible.


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