Colorado State Urges Students Not to Participate in Annual Undie Run

A long standing tradition at Colorado State University is the school's Undie Run, which until the last few years, was endorsed by the school and was a chance to give clothes to charities in need. Well, the school, understandably, decided it no longer wanted to be a part of an event that involved kids running around half naked late at night. But the students just don't care... 

Still the school is urging kids not to participate on May 10th, by sending out emails outlining why it may be dangerous.

But, the event will go on. A Facebook post from the event says;

Hi! The CSU admin has been sending out emails warning people not to come and threatening to break up the event/give tickets to people who come.
1) assembling in public spaces is not illegal. You have a constitutional right to do so even if you are in your underwear. You can not be given a ticket simply for being there in your underwear unless you are breaking the law by doing something else. You can and probably will be given a ticket if you are smoking, drinking underage, have open containers, etc.
2) There is a CSU policy that prohibits "unauthorized assembly" and this policy is what CSU is using to ban/break up the event. An assembly is only considered unauthorized if it occurs on CSU property after sunset. CSU personnel may be handing out conduct citations for people violating this policy, but it is not the same as a ticket as it is not a civil offense.
3) If the undie run were to occur at 7pm right before sunset, CSU would not be able to break up the event until it gets dark. If you leave before it is dark, CSU has no grounds to issue you a citation.
Just sayin.

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