Off the Hook Arts: SummerFest 2019

SummerFest 2019: Perception/Deception, Illusion/Confusion

June 17 – July 12

Off the Hook Arts SummerFest 2019:Perception/Deception, Illusion/Confusionbrings together music, neuroscience, psychology, magic, comedy, painting, and photography in a unique festival to explore the mysteries, methods, facts, and fantasies of human perception, and to uncover techniques of deception and illusion in the arts and in life.

The seven-partConcert Seriesand eight -part, interdisciplinaryDynamics Seriesof the 2019 summer season feature world-class musicians in intimate settings with programs that imagine alternate realities (what would Chopin sound like as a pianist working in NYC today?), search for the ghosts that “haunt” certain great works, and reveal the secrets of deception and humor in works of music and art. TheViewpoints Seriesof lectures explores topics of cognitive psychology and the arts. Other SummerFest 2019 activities include an art show and the Off the Hook Arts Summer Academy, offering Music, Art and STEM programming for children of all ages.

SummerFest 2019 will run from June 17 to July 12, 2019. You can feel good knowing the proceeds from your ticket to any SummerFest event goes towards making music education more accessible to children in Fort Collins!


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