Luke Combs Helps Give the VIP Treatment to Colorado Cancer Patient

People ask me often, why country music. The answer has many components, but here is a great example of one.

The people are amazing!!

Luke Combs is the biggest thing in country music right now without a doubt, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for the fans, and to do great things. He proved that as he met with Kylie Schwartz, a stage 4 cancer patient who recently finished treatment at Chicago Proton Center, on Sunday (May 12) at Red Rocks.

According to Billboard;

Schwartz didn’t just catch Combs’ show. The singer sent a makeup artist to the 23-year-old’s house to help her get glammed up before the concert. Her neighborhood also raised money for a limo to escort Schwartz and four friends. After the show, Schwartz met Combs.
“As soon as I walked in, he knew exactly who I was,” Schwartz says. “He gave me the biggest hug, and an even bigger hug when we left. He was extremely sweet and genuinely cared. Plus, his concert was amazing! There is nowhere else I would have rather been than at Red Rocks. I’m so happy.”

Earlier in the night I also saw a "Make a Wish" recipient get to hang out with Luke, although the press didn't get a hold of that story yet.

High five, Luke Combs!

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