The Tamagotchi is Coming Back, Baby!

Tamagotchi virtual pet toys have come and gone a few times over the past two decades. Well . . . they're coming back again!!

Bandai America is re-launching the Tamagotchi keychains, where you raise and care for a virtual pet. But there's a new twist this time. If you put your keychain near a friend's, your Tamagotchis can date, get married . . . and then GET-IT-ON.

Now, you don't actually watch them consummate the marriage. But once they're done, you and your friend both get an EGG on your device. It eventually hatches, and then you raise the baby too.

And then your baby Tamagotchi can eventually have a kid too . . . the devices can handle up to 16 generations. That sounds like SO MUCH WORK to take care of all those virtual pets.

Anyway, these things hit the market in July and cost $60. 

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