Turns Out People From Colorado Have an Accent and it Isn't Sexy

As a Colorado native, it probably sounds stupid, but I always thought we talked "normal." No accent here. Turns out we not only have accents in Colorado, but they aren't sexy...

A survey by the website Big Seven Travel dot com, ranked the top 50 sexiest accents in the U.S.Colorado came in at 39.

Here's what they said about our accents;

"Coloradans don’t have a distinctive sound, but there’s definitely an accent here, despite what some people might say. It’s recently been influenced by the Californian vowel shift, yet still holds on to dropping the ‘t’s, so mountains becomes ‘moun’uns’."

Here are the top five sexiest accents...

5th. Chicago

4th. Mainer

3rd. New York

2nd. Bostonian

1st. Texan

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