Rentable Pogo Sticks are Coming

Pogostick Business

For some reason, I feel like the e-scooter companies aren't going to lose sleep over THIS competitor.

There's a new product on the market for people looking to rent a quick mode of transportation. And they are . . . POGO STICKS. Or, I guess, e-pogo sticks?

A company called Cangoroo from Sweden just introduced pogo sticks that you rent just like e-scooters. The pogo sticks are all over the street, you unlock one with an app, then pay by the minute to bounce to wherever you're going.

Cangoroo is going to test them in two cities in Sweden this summer, and then move on to other places soon. The first American city that's going to get them is San Francisco. Yes, they picked a place that's all hills. Not brilliant.

But is it really easier to get around on a pogo stick than on your feet? I guess this entire company is riding on the idea that it is.

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