CFD Party Zone!

Countdown to Cheyenne Frontier Days!

Come join us for the Party Zones before the main Frontier Nights acts go on stage. After doors open we will entertain you with the following games and activities where you will have the chance to participate!

Cowboy Olympics

Contestants will compete in a handful of cowboy themed games to earn points. The contestant with the most points at the end of the competition will win a prize!

Mr. CFD Contest

Big 97.9 and 100.7 KOLT-FM staff will host the “Mr. CFD Contest” where four contestants will qualify online to compete in these competitions.


2.Question and answer

3.Beer chugging

4.Sing us a country song


CFD Dating Game

3 couples will be picked from social media to compete. Each of the three couples will play our version of the old TV game show, and we will ultimately choose a winning couple who will win a prize!


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