Is There an Alligator Lurking in a Colorado Park Pond?

Once a week or so, my hometown newspaper, the Greeley Tribune, puts together what they call their Cop Log. Basically they compile the weirdest stuff that the cops encounter over the last month or so in Greeley and Evans, and print it for the world to see. Today, it's the story of a woman who called the cops because she saw an alligator in a park pond...

June 3rd, 7:30 p.m.: Police responded to a park pond in the 400 block of 35th Avenue for a report of an alligator sighting. Once on scene, officers asked a woman if it was possible she saw a snake or a turtle instead. The woman described what she saw as “a log with eyes.” Officers approached the pond to investigate, at which point they encountered a beaver.

Maybe it's just me, but beavers and alligators look nothing alike, so I am not sure I am buying the cops saying that what she say was the beaver... Just watch your small dogs near the pond!

See the rest of this week's Cop Log here.

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