The Saga of My Leg

I've lived my life in front of you. About six years ago, you heard my appendix rupture on the air - and, thanks to you, I got to the hospital and all ended well.

You heard me plan my recent camping trip with my son. You read the story and looked at those pics HERE.

On that camping trip, I wrestled with a log - and lost - it left a pretty massive scratch on my leg. I should have got stitches, but I didn't want to cancel the trip, so I patched myself up and made do.

It scabbed up, looked like it was healing, but it kept - um - oozing. So on Saturday I washed it real good, the scab came off and revealed a fun bunch of infection.

I'm a typical man - hate going to the doctor - so I tried to doctor myself for a few days. That didn't work. So I gave way to medical care and hit the UC Health Urgent Care in mid-town Greeley yesterday. The kind folks scrubbed and scraped out the bad stuff, put me on antibiotics and sent me on my way.

The doc confirmed, I should have gotten stitches, but what's done is done. Heal time? 60 DAYS! TWO MONTHS. It sucks getting old.

Moral of the story: Go to the doctor. Unless you're me...


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