I Superglued a Fake Mustache to My Face

I have a secret project, some people know about it, others don't, but that's beside the point. I bring it up because in the project I wear a fake mustache. And in a bind this weekend I ended up Supergluing it to my face...

I've found one type of glue that works for this thing. It's made for stage shows and theater, and it's the only glue that will keep the mustache on for my entire performance, but will also come off relatively easy. Well, I had taken it out of my bag, and got to this weekend's show with nothing to attach the mustache.

After asking and looking around about 20 minutes before I had to be in character, I had two choices... Don't wear the iconic mustache or use Superglue.

I choose option 2, and the first time I put it on with the glue the fumes were burning my lungs so bad I had to quickly use a ton of acetone and get it off. I cleaned it off, and used much less glue the second try. The fumes still burned pretty bad, but I went with it.

It stuck like a champ the whole show, but it had completely dried to my face this time. There was a lot of acetone poured on my face, a lot of yanking, some pulling, some cutting, and it finally came off. BUT... There was a ton of residue in my tiny real mustache hairs now. So I spent a good two hours pulling these little booger-looking balls of glue off my face, and still ended up shaving quite a bit of the hair I had off.

My lip is still a little sore a week later, I am positive I burned my lungs with the fumes as I still can feel a little pain when breathing deep, and my facial hair looks a little wonky, especially up close... But, I am alive, and no one can question my dedication! HA!

PS - This is a 100% true story!! Don not try it at home.

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