Can We Please Ban Three Hour Movies?

A ton of people went an sat at the movie theater for a looooooong time this weekend as "It: Chapter Two" brought in $91 million during it's opening weekend. The next closest movie only brought $6 million. But back to the loooooong part...

The movie runs two hours and fifty minutes not counting the half hour of previews before it, or the credits for you lazies that sit through those. So, you end up at the theater for over three and a half hours for this thing.

That's a lot of holding your pee, going pee, ordering ten-plus dollar drinks, or all of the above.

Too dang long for me, and it seems like it's starting to become a trend... The last "Avengers" movie was forever long too. Can we go back to those hour and fifteen minute movies, please? My bladder thanks you!

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