Flip-Flops Are the Most Unacceptable Thing to Wear to a Nice Restaurant

Here's how much we hate dressing up: 40% of Americans in a new survey said that what they want to wear influences the restaurants they go to. In other words, if a place requires nice pants . . . screw it, we're going to Taco Bell.

41% also said they feel pressured to look stylish when they go out to eat. And here are the top ten UNACCEPTABLE things to wear at a nice restaurant, according to the survey . . .

1. Flip-flops.

2. Sandals.

3. Sweatpants.

4. Shorts.

5. A hat.

6. A tank top.

7. Leggings.

8. Cargo pants.

9. Overalls.

10. A T-shirt. 



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