Peyton Manning Tried to Recruit a Player By Telling Him to Poop on a Desk

I miss Peyton Manning... Mostly because when he played for the Denver Broncos the team won, but also because I just love the guy's personality!

Yet another way Peyton was being Peyton came out this week, as offensive lineman, Joe Thomas told the The ThomaHawk Show, a story of Peyton trying to recruit him to the Broncos:

“When I was in my seventh year, the Broncos were making a run, Peyton Manning was still the quarterback. Peyton called me up and basically asked me to go Antonio Brown on our GM at the time in order to get traded. Because there was some conversation about trading me to the Broncos because they had lost their left tackle for the season. And he asked me to go into my GM’s office and poop on his desk. “

Clearly it didn't happen because the Broncos never got Joe Thomas, but an A for effort, Peyton!

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