Area 51 - Where's all the People?

The Facebook page said that over 2 million people were coming, so officials in Lincoln County, Nevada, were prepared for the worst on Friday, but only hundreds of visitors descended upon a remote portion of the Nevada desert in response to the online "Storm Area 51" hoax.

The idea behind the hoax was for people to storm the gates of the mysterious Air Force test site, which, as the AP notes, has long been the focus of UFO and alien conspiracies. But on Friday morning, only about 75 people gathered near a gate at the once-secret military base, with one person arrested for urinating.

Another woman was detained for an undisclosed reason.

In the nearby towns of Hiko and Rachel, about 1,500 less mischievous visitors grooved to the sounds of a music festival and gathered at the Alien Research Center souvenir store to explore extraterrestrial lore.


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