Guy Smoking Pot on Plane Cause Emergency Landing in Colorado

Some people just can't handle flying. One American Airlines passenger on Friday decided that he would party a bit prior to getting on his flight from Arizona to Minnesota.

This passenger caused an emergency landing after he allegedly told people on the flight that he was high on cocaine before locking himself in the airplane bathroom and eventually lighting up a joint in the cabin.

Nearly an hour into the flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis, the pilot announced that there was "a security issue in the back," which required the flight to be diverted and land in Denver, Colorado.

As the plane was about to land, the man exited the bathroom and went back to his seat, where he was described as very jittery by other passengers. Once the plane was safely on the runway, a video shows the man being confronted by the flight attendance staff, as well as police officers and EMT.

The unidentified man was eventually handcuffed by police, who placed him on a stretcher where he was heard screaming, "Take it off, it hurts. I'll f***ing kill you!"

The other passengers were able to take off to their destination about two hours later.

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