Talk About the Music We Like, Instead of Complaining About What We Don't

I feel like I say something like this at least once or twice a year, but here I am again, on the old soapbox asking people to quit complaining so much about music they dislike, and put that same effort into the stuff they do enjoy.

This time it was brought to my attention as at least two pretty big websites decided to write full articles bashing the new Zac Brown Band album, "The Owl." I personally listened to the album, and honestly it was not even close to my favorite thing they've ever done as a band, but I would never take the time and effort to completely bash on something that people spent so much time, energy, and creativity making. Not my thing, so I chose not to listen, but that doesn't mean I am going to tell the world they shouldn't either... That's for each individual to decide.

It really comes down to a simple rule for me...If you like it, listen to it. If you don't, shut the hell up about it, move on, and listen to what you like. Why dwell on what you dislike? Use that energy to promote what you love and expose it to people who may not know about it. But why should people be forced into feeling like they must hate something because someone says they should?

Sorry if I seem soft, but it's one of the few things that drive me nuts. Talk crap about football teams you dislike or the mean people at the DMV, they deserve it. But quit making me feel bad about what I like to listen to, and tell me about what you do enjoy... Chances are we may find some common ground, and even if we don't, who cares, luckily we don't have to share headphones.

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