A 'Walker, Texas Ranger' Reboot Is Coming, But No Chuck Norris

A "Walker, Texas Ranger" reboot is in the works . . . but unfortunately, it will not star CHUCK NORRIS.

Instead, "Supernatural' star JARED PADALECKI will take over. He's playing Cordell Walker, a version of the same character that Chuck played. Like the original show, Walker will have a female partner, but she hasn't been cast yet.

It's sad that it won't feature Chuck Norris . . . the same Chuck Norris who could strangle you with a CORDLESS phone . . . who created giraffes by upper-cutting a horse . . . who could kill two STONES with one bird . . . and who doesn't wear a watch, because he DECIDES what time it is.

Technically, no one is saying that Chuck WON'T be involved at all, but since his character is being played by Jared, he wouldn't have a significant action role.

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