Guys Are Going to Great Lengths to Get a Great Beard This No-Shave November

I've admitted it before, but here I go again. I have been known to use Just for Men in my beard... It's blonde, which can be confused for white or grey, so I dye it to make it look "younger." I've also been made fun of for this, but it's mild compared to what other dudes are doing!

The Wall Street Journal reports that stubble-challenged dudes are using eye shadow to either color or fill in bald patches on their beards. Some guys are going so far as to eat beard-enhancing gummies or spray fake hair fibers onto their face that wash out in the shower after a few days.

"Since I'm bald, I want to make sure my beard is the showstopper," says Barry Clark, who has fibers put in once a week by his barber.

So yeah, that perfect beard he has... Probably fake!

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